We’re a growing team of experts and thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego. We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping companies grow.

Steve Gore


Steve has extensive experience gained through a variety of Senior Management/Director and training and development roles held in the international technology private sector. He has a proven track record of delivering tangible results within the areas of leadership, negotiation, customer service, relationship management, organisational change, training, development and personal career management. He specializes in personality and emotional profiling and has been certified by the Paul Ekman International Group to help people understand their own emotional displays and how to interpret others emotions through micro expressions to help build strong relationships or sound negotiation’s.

James Aspden


James is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience across both public and private sectors. He has a proven track record of delivering tangible results within the areas of leadership, organisational change, training, development and career management. A well rounded individual with strong project management skills coupled with an innovative approach to the challenges of the public sector.

Lindsey Aspden

Finance Controller

Lindsey is an experienced financial controller who oversees all our accounting activities and ensures that our ledgers accurately reflect money coming in and out of the company. 

Having worked with KOAP since its inception Lindsey is the backbone of the business ensuring that we stay grounded and focused on profitable growth.

Helen Pay

Project Co-ordinator

Helen is an experienced project co-coordinator who oversees the scheduling of our resources.

With the unenviable task of managing diaries, logistics and co-coordinating the delivery of projects Helen is a safe pair of hands that ensures clients are supported professionally.

Amy Wilson

Data Analyst

Amy is an experienced data analyst who designs and administers all our internal and external digital tools and services.

The youngest member of the team Amy is the creative heart of the future of KOAP, ensuring our digital delivery and presence are both consistent and relevant. 

Anna Jakielaszek


Anna is a champion in Diversity & Inclusion, experienced in Facilitation, Leadership Development, cross-culture communication and Interpersonal Skills. Her background includes an almost decade of working in HR for many organisations, including well known and respected UK brands. With the Master in Sociology, she has developed strong observation skills and uses those to help others gain awareness and new perspectives. She has noticeable passion for people to grow and develop, and is able to drive commitment through trust, awareness, and understanding.

Carol Martin


Carol has over 30 years experience working with people, teams and organisations across the globe. Having worked in a senior, corporate leadership role, working with major brands and corporations across the globe, she became increasingly interested in why high attrition, or disengagement, was so frequently evident, across all markets and industries, often soon after people found their ‘perfect role’.

This led her, 20 years ago, to move into the world of organisational, and people, learning and development; continuing her passion for identifying what makes companies successful, and how critically important it is to recognise the changing needs and demands of the greatest asset – people. 

Her aim is to support all who want to grow, develop and learn – and also those who need to resilience to survive in today’s working world.

David Levine


KOAP welcomes David Levine to the family as part of our new USA based team.

He has extensive experience gained through a variety of Senior Management/Director and training and development roles, in the US Energy sector, and has a proven track record of delivering tangible results within the areas of sales leadership, negotiation, customer service, relationship management, organizational change, training, development, and personal career management. He’s spoken at BOMA and IFMA conferences and sits on multiple committees that address lighting controls and the future of connected buildings. 

Throughout his career, David has managed the development of teams across all hierarchies and within a diverse range of markets and industries, including Executive Boards. He has a very hands-on approach to learning and development and draws on his own real-life experiences to reinforce methodology. Favoring a participative and consultative training style, which will give the delegates the opportunity to experiment through exercises, discussions, and other activities, David adopts a true facilitator role; challenging delegates and encouraging them to recognize self-driven solutions.  

Deena De Vries-Jones


Deena De Vries-Jones is an expert in Facilitation, Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Development. She is also an accomplished executive coach, specializing in behavioral and competency change with over sixteen years’ experience in executive coaching and twenty plus years’ experience in HR and consultancy

Shavonne Reed


As a communications expert, I transfer practical skills and knowledge to individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to transform how people feel, understand and act positively to challenging stimuli. Whether it is overcoming life’s challenges, impact of social injustices, or other negative concerns, my philosophy enables others to accomplish their full potential and purpose while sustaining happiness. I help others around the globe to feel more fulfilled through positive psychology, self-discipline, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

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