Impact and influencing without authority

This session is designed to help people who need to influence others in the workplace to achieve results. If you have to lead a project or need to influence from within a team this session will help you understand how to influence others and have impact in the workplace.

Building High Performing Teams

This session looks at both the theory of why teams are defined as high performing and provide learners with a toolkit of ideas to help them transform their existing team into a high performing team.

The Power of Positive Language

In this session, we look at the power of positive language, but not just in conversations with others also when we have internal conversations with ourselves. The aim of this session is to focus on positively moving forward to achieve our own individual goals and help others achieve theirs

Leadership 101

This session moves away from resource management and investigates the role of a leader in motivating, empowering and engaging teams to give of their best. How do leaders create psychological safety in the workplace and the power of role modelling behaviour and language that drives performance

Managing Conflict

In this session, we will dispel the myths of conflict in the workplace and look at how disagreements can be the bedrock for innovation and performance. Creating a safe place to disagree and share ideas to build something that has never been thought of before is the power of diversity.

Negotiation and the truth about “win -win”

Negotiation is not restricted to sales transactions, every one of us negotiates with others every day of our lives, and by understanding the psychology of negotiation we are able to truly create a win/win that fosters long term collaboration and partnership

Building a high performing sales team

Sales teams are typically extrinsically motivated to perform through additional commission payments. Imagine if you could motivate your salespeople to achieve results without the traditional “carrot” or “stick”. This session is aimed at helping sales leaders understand the psychology of sales and how to motivate humans intrinsically to perform consistently at their best.

Moving into Management

This session is designed for those who are thinking of becoming a manager of people. If you are looking at a career in management this session will help you understand what is expected of you and what knowledge and skill you will need to develop to be successful in your new role.

Powerful Coaching Conversations

This session helps all who are interested in helping others be their best selves. Understanding the power of listening and creating conversations that will allow people to own their own development and grow in confidence and capability is at the heart of great leadership.

Cross Cultural Communication

In a world where cultural diversity is the norm, it is important to understand what differences each culture can bring to a relationship and conversation and by doing so, we can enhance our organisational power. This session looks at the work done by Hofstede and Erin Myers and translates the theory into real world action.

Working with sales for engineers

Understanding how salespeople think and how to influence them is the key to a successful customer experience. When engineers and salespeople meet there is a natural tendency to be hesitant and distrusting of each other’s discipline. In this session, we will break down those walls and create a shared vision that enables engineers to embrace the sales process and actively promote selling as a way to help their customers.

Management 101

In this session, we will address the fundamentals of managing people as resources and investigate the role of a manager and their responsibilities for people and processes. We will review the interviewing process and personal development plans for your team and how to ensure that performance is maintained at a functional level.

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Moving from the theory behind emotional intelligence into the real world of application in the workplace. Understanding the power of empathy and how self-awareness opens the door to understanding others is key to creating a truly inclusive and divers working environment

Building a “sales culture”

Sales is not just the domain of the salesperson, having a sales culture enables organisations to maximise every contact with a customer to expand their reach and maintain a growing relationship and revenue stream.

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