KOAP was founded in 2009 by Steve Gore and James Aspden to build on their many years experience training, coaching, and mentoring senior executives through times of change.

Fascinated by the dynamics of human interaction under pressure they have successfully designed and delivered training interventions that have supported some of the world’s largest organisations through challenging and demanding times, and now they have brought together some of the industries brightest and most dynamic trainers, facilitators and coaches to create a team to help organisations take on the economic climate of today.

In our experience often inspirational vision for an organisation is created by a few and then thrust upon the many. Too often, this results in these change initiatives ending in a successful change of procedures and structures, but less sustainable change in ways of working, culture and effectiveness.

One way of defining what we do is as a systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness – one that aligns strategy, people and processes. We enable an organisation to be ready for the future by taking steps which create an environment that allows employees to understand, embody and deliver the organisation’s objectives. This involves both “hard” issues – strategy, policies, structures and systems – and “soft” issues, ones that develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and a style of leadership that will enable organisations to deliver optimum performance.

Our vision is of a future where Leaders are “mindful” of just what is going on around them. If whole organizations were mindful, and we refer to the simple act of noticing new things, leadership would be quite different. Leaders would not only be mindful themselves but they would enable their followers to be mindful as well. In an increasingly complex world where work cuts across all types of institutional boundaries a leader’s only task is to promote and harness “distributed” mindfulness.

We have been all over the world!

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