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Did you know that we spend 85% of our day making decisions on autopilot?

Learn how self-awareness and being intentional can make you the best leader you can be!


You Can Determine Your Future

Learn how to become an influential leader

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In Next Level Leadership, learn how to lead, motivate, hold accountable and build lasting influence.


Next Level Leadership Workshop

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Are YOU ready to level up?

This 12-week workshop will teach you everything you need to know to overcome common leadership challenges.

You’ll learn in a collaborative environment with others who share your passion and experiences in the Electrical Industry. You will also benefit from the expertise of the facilitator’s lengthy career.

  • Create productive relationships that thrive
  • Develop strong alliances to accomplish your goals
With a simple shift in your mindset and practice with proven techniques, you will be on your way to elevating your influence.

Time commitment: Six, two-hour bi-weekly sessions and six, 30-minute bi weekly coaching sessions

What is Included in the Workshop...

Creating High Performance Teams

Identify the seven steps of building high performing teams:
  • Understand the pillars to effectively navigate all social profiles
  • Identify ways to engage stakeholders within your team as well as those outside of your workgroup
  • Discover useful techniques and tools to effectively lead through storytelling to drive higher results
You’ll finish this course with a stronger sense of empowerment to influence other’s behaviors. 

Communicating with Impact

Tackling crucial conversations can be stressful enough.  Learn actionable steps you can take to remain focused on facts to maximize understanding and accountability.

  • Understand the neuroscience and theory behind effective leadership
  • Articulate the ways to leverage emotional intelligence through self and social awareness to motivate others
  • Identify ways to build trust to have engagement and productivity at a high level of maximum results.

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what it takes to build stronger partnerships.

Planning & Execution

Team dynamics can be challenging. Through coaching and mentoring we learn to leverage strengths to better plan and execute. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Understand and utilize high-performance coaching and mentoring
  • Identify and work with individual contributors and management to execute
  • Understand how to practically demonstrate integrity and inclusion to inspire through empathy

You’ll finish this lesson with best practices to successfully plan and execute projects.

Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Coaching allows participants to discuss the application of the workshop lessons and examine real-life challenges and opportunities to grow.
  • Individual sessions provide a safe space for personalized development
  • Empowers individuals and encourages accountability
  • Define and implement strategies for overcoming personal obstacles.

David Levine

With a professional career that spans 30 years (26 in the electrical industry), David Levine brings his charismatic leadership expertise to this intimate setting of learners to facilitate growth in your career.  He has led dynamic workgroups and successfully managed cross-functional divisions within the electrical industry and understands the nuances you are faced with day to day.  You will enjoy the blended style workshop, along with invaluable 1 to 1 coaching, and walk away with a new level of confidence to take your leadership to the next level.

david Levine

I learned a great deal from working with David. He has a knack for sharing stories and plucking anecdotes from his past experiences that have extreme situational relevance. His instincts, coupled with his delivery style, make the lessons he shares stick and the teacher impossible to forget.

Adin Hamilton

David's skills competencies, and general demeanour make him easy to work with and position his as one of the most talented leaders I know. He does excellent work with integrity and he elevates the people fortunate enough to work with him.

Kandice Cohen

I really enjoy working with David. He is a transparent and genuine leader. He intuitively understands and connects with others, and likes to build and leverage relationships to get things done. I love David's ideas: he is innovative and likes to focus on leading edge technologies. Overall, he is just fun to be around and to work with!

Diana Groh


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