What we can offer

Koap offer “tailor-made” development sessions for all levels within your organisation, targeted at creating a strong sense of “psychological safety” which increases performance, accountability, innovation, and creativeness. All our sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts in their fields of study, who have a passion for transferring knowledge into real-world action in the workplace.

Development Sessions

Impact and influencing without authority

This session is designed to help people who need to influence others in the workplace to achieve results. If you have to lead a project or need to influence from within a team this session will help you understand how to influence others and have impact in the workplace.

Moving into Management

This session is designed for those who are thinking of becoming a manager of people. If you are looking at a career in management this session will help you understand what is expected of you and what knowledge and skill you will need to develop to be successful in your new role.

Managing Conflict

In this session, we will dispel the myths of conflict in the workplace and look at how disagreements can be the bedrock for innovation and performance. Creating a safe place to disagree and share ideas to build something that has never been thought of before is the power of diversity.

Building High Performing Teams

This session looks at both the theory of why teams are defined as high performing and provide learners with a toolkit of ideas to help them transform their existing team into a high performing team.

How did KOAP begin?

Our vision has always been to help organisations create a psychologically safe environment where diversity and inclusion are acts of kindness and curiosity every day.

Where diverse thinking increases innovation and creativity, and individuals are excited to come to work every day.  That is why we founded KOAP in 2009 to work with organisations to understand how the dynamics of human interaction under pressure can be enhanced to create constructive conflict that enhances and drives creative thinking to solve challenging workplace issues.

Over the past decade and a half, we have supported some of the world’s largest organisations through challenging and demanding times, and now we have brought together some of the industries brightest and most dynamic trainers, facilitators, and coaches to create a team to help organisations take on the economic climate of today.

Meet one of our amazing partners.

KOAP are pleased to announce their partnership with Merseyside Community Training, a not-for-profit organisation that helps the most disadvantaged out-of-work young people in Liverpool onto the road to employment by offering them work experience placements with local organisations.

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